This is a workshop event in North America drawing people from overseas to explore intersections in arts, sciences and design in the here and now. It was funded by the US National Science Foundation and held at Rhode Island School of Design. The purpose was to address emerging problems in the over-specialisation of the school curriculum and to assist understanding of how to sustain effective arts and science collaborations in the longer term. The full report is here.

I designed the two-day event around a practical application of principles of embodied cognition (we need a body to think) and modalities of meeting and journeying in the different spaces we had available, including the Nature Lab, the RISD Museum, studios and meeting spaces and everywhere in between.

There was a tremendous energy level, unique interpersonal dialogues and a creative breathing space for 60 people committed to brightening the educational experience of those we may be responsible for through our policies, or influencing through our teaching and practices with all that is available to us in the present.

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