Light and Materiality – a Handbook

Light and Materiality – a Handbook

Light shone directly into our eyes means nothing, yet the same energy deflected to us via everything else that is ‘out there’ will carry the meanings of that ‘everything’ for us and to ourselves. This book is a meditation on that impossible paradox, and I hope may help you, the reader, pause for moments of connection with light itself.

I have been noticing things about light since using a camera seriously the first time when I was 14, halfway up a tree trying to film a blackbird. It was dusk; I could see the bird in my eye but not in the camera. Since that time, as a designer, I have considered light in relation to light and dark, to colour, drawing, images and meaning. Also, both in more individual realms of interpretation and in working with collaborations between specialist disciplines, I’ve thought about materials of construction, the material world, and the senses through which we appear to connect with that world and how knowledge is built and shared.

My intention with Light and Materiality in addition to thinking about the unseen but sensed phenomena that fill space, is to take a few moments to bring a tangible sense of the connections between ourselves and the making of the world from moment to moment and to arrest for a while the cultural hypnosis which tends to curtail aspects of our natural skills of awareness.

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