Design and Traditional Indian Manufacturing

Design and Traditional Indian Manufacturing

The University of Brighton through its Teaching and Learning research grants supported this creative and practical adventure in design and making across cultural boundaries, which was, in effect, a different way of looking at globalisation; through the other end of the telescope.

It is normal for students with a passion for creativity and invention in our material world to be repelled by aspects of extreme consumerism as the only available avenue for the further development of their creative voice. This scheme for UK design and art students to be immersed in village manufacturing in Karnataka to share with villagers some of the students own practices from England that we take for granted (observational drawing, imaginative drawing, the mapping of information) and to bring back to the UK emerging questions of necessity, pragmatism, scarcity, local co-operation and the historical encoding of meaning from a pre-modern consciousness. The ‘Pragmatics of Scarcity’ is a phrase that echoed in our minds.

The cultural intersections that occurred and what this promoted in participants work and future plans are included in the report and booklet. The scheme was supported and facilitated by the Srishti College of Art Design and Technology Bangalore India, especially Geetha Naryanan and Meena Vari. Poonam Kasturi’s essay ‘Designing Freedom’ is a key text as is Charles Eames’ ‘India Report’.

The scheme used a distinctive method to bring introductory ideas about this challenging subject into the students’ own direct experience, building a longer term dialogue and mutual support structure throughout 4 semesters of a three year undergraduate experience which is more than is normally possible in unitised courses.

Project Resources
Vernacular, Emergent (Hayley Zierold) (PDF ») | (Zip File »)
Cermonies, Vessels (Tania Pillay) (PDF ») | (Zip File »)
Making Things by Hand (Marney Walker) (PDF) | (Zip File »)
Unexpected Beauty, Forgotten Trade (Seainin Passi) (PDF ») | (Zip File »)
Community and City (David Hood) (PDF ») | (Zip File »)
Language and Literacies (PDF ») | (Zip File »)
Book List (PDF ») | (Zip File »)

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