• zoetrope-sun-2

    ZOËTROPE SUN : arts letters & numbers

    Life Turning Sun : Sun Turning Life. The camera establishes a filter: a blanket absorbing light from the world projecting duration to the screen, a storm, pushing and pulling duration, and then a story. Particles of memory are broken free.… Continue reading

  • heat closing evening

    HEAT: Arts Letters & Numbers

    Act Two: Emergent Works, Emergent Structures, Emergent Institution Like many serious minded people sensitive to the best situations, places and opportunities to achieve examples of the things we would like to see made possible in the world, I have attempted… Continue reading

  • Drawing and Hand Surgery

    Chris Rose and Donald Sammut in conversation, University of Brighton UK’ The Collaborative Drawing research team are trying to find out more about the use and impact of drawing practices in Craft and Medicine. Chris Rose and Donald Sammut each… Continue reading

  • How to Workshop Relationships between Surface and Deep Knowledge

    Aalto University ARTS + ENG The Pedagogic Challenge for collaborative work in architecture and engineering design a research project by Saija Hollmen (Aalto) and Chris Rose (RISD) Specialised expertise has become the prevailing denominator of the Western culture. The progressive… Continue reading

  • day-data

    Day of Data

    On May 18th, 2012, Brown University’s Day of Data captured stories from across disciplines and sectors to state “data matters.” Data is core to every field, career and life decision, and we must embrace this data-driven society with new and non-traditional approaches… Continue reading

  • ESJP

    Engineering, Social Justice, and Peace (ESJP) 8th Annual Conference

    The ESJP network is delighted to announce their Eight Annual International Conference, to be held August 5th to 7th in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. The conference will be hosted by Katy Haralampides of University of New Brunswick. Conference website

  • arts-letters-numbers

    Arts Letters & Numbers

    Education, by definition is a transformative pursuit; Individuals come together and engage in transformative interactions and experiences. As with many forms of structural invention, the consequences of thoughtful invention within the structures of education are ultimately unique spaces. Arts Letters… Continue reading

  • stem-steam

    Bridging STEM to STEAM: Developing New Frameworks for Art-Science-Design Pedagogy

    The National Science Foundation-funded workshop brought together 60 leaders in fields of Science, Creative IT, Engineering, Art and Design, Mathematics and Education Research to examine and develop strategies for enhancing STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Math] education through the integration of… Continue reading

  • 5_areasOfConversation1_Page_1

    Making Science Visible

    RISD-hosted Science+Arts+Design seminar in support of the NSF EPSCoR collaborative program for academic initiatives and interdisciplinary research in Rhode Island At Making Science Visible at RISD in 2009-2010 I devised a program to lay down some foundations for the intellectual,… Continue reading