HEAT: Arts Letters & Numbers

heat closing evening

Act Two: Emergent Works, Emergent Structures, Emergent Institution

Like many serious minded people sensitive to the best situations, places and opportunities to achieve examples of the things we would like to see made possible in the world, I have attempted works of various kinds in many locations.

Creativity and practical actions are traditionally studied in conventional institutions which are seen to be, as a consequence of the limitations of their organisation, more or less unable to address anything other than narrow segments of human knowledge and even then to be weighted down with formulaic thinking and redundant power structures. Bouyancy is not possible for many types of individual inside such a scenario.

porchI have stopped looking for ‘places’ in terms of asking myself “Can I do this better in USA, England, India or Finland?” Rather, now, I think of Arts Letters Numbers as a place of bouyancy, a world location of emergent thinking and action both individual and social; and as a network, program, and vessel of the greatest of human potential for discovery whether it is in the bringing together of making, building, envisaging and designing with engineering, theatre, film, literature and music; or in the frissons and unsuspected places joining these arts and sciences.

The growing network of individuals and groups associated with Arts Letters Numbers is inspiring in itself and I trust this humanistic project emerging rapidly into greater expressions of life with each year.

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