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5-Axis Diagram; stepping further into the cognitive power behind ‘seeing’ beyond 3D

The notional 3-axis color model for human vision, or ‘experiential color’ after Munsell, and used ever since for color specification, has three variables or three ‘axes’ , hue, saturation, brightness, these can be represented by a 3D sphere where North… Continue reading

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Making the Geologic Now

Time and the Breathing City During the early research phase of a large Arts-Sciences-Design collaboration in the UK, I joined a site visit to the Portland stone quarry on the south coast of the UK, part of the area designated… Continue reading

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Design Thinking

Design thinking involves a willingness to critique our conception of ‘the big picture’ and how this may be communicated, disassembled or re-envisaged. It involves an unpredictable array of seemingly unconnected activities…and above all it involves the deliberate employment of multiple… Continue reading

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